The e-NIMES System Operationalized

The e-NIMES System Operationalized

The State Department for Planning through the Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (MED), is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (NIMES).

NIMES was established to provide a mechanism to track implementation of projects and programmes contained in the Kenya Vision 2030. However, NIMES initially lacked an effective data management component critical in generating information for evidence-based decision making.

As a result, this adversely affected timely reporting on annual progress on implementation of the MTPs and subsequent mid and end term reviews. To address the prevailing challenges, the State Department for Planning endeavored to develop an electronic NIMES (e-NIMES) as a Performance Management tool for Results (PMfR) platform that supports and strengthens NIMES.

The aim of the electronic system was to provide real-time, on screen reporting system for performance monitoring and evaluation of key priority programmes and projects, and a suitable platform preferably, a traffic light dashboard for reporting results.

The development of e-NIMES has been completed and the system is now hosted by The National Treasury and Planning. To operationalize the system, the State Department for Planning rolled out the e-NIMES to all Ministries, Departments Agencies (MDAs) and Counties.

The system facilitates real time data collection and analysis that informs timely generation of evidence for decision making. The system also enhances centralized storage, validation and dissemination of data on policy, programmes and projects implementation.

During the development process of e-NIMES, pilot training was conducted for officers from three State Departments and 27 Counties. Most of the components and modules were updated based on proposals made during the training and the system is now ready for use.

To fully operationalize the system, MED conducted intensive user training program to roll out the system more widely. Most MDAs and Counties have now adopted the system and MED no longer relies on them to submit manual reports on progress of implementation of the CIDPs, MTPs and status reports of SDGs. Everything is now being conducted electronically. The system has eased timely generation of Annual Progress Reports, County Annual Progress Reports and the Public Expenditure Reviews.

In addition, the successful implementation of the e- NIMES in National and County levels of government of reporting strives to achieve the tenth point under the Post COVID-19 Economic Recovery Strategy: -that of, strengthening monitoring and evaluation system for quality outcome of projects.

Further, during the Ninth Kenya National Monitoring and Evaluation Week, it was resolved that the State Department for Planning would ensure that there is sustained updating of the e-NIMES/CIMES at the National and County levels. This calls upon MED to continue promoting the adoption of the system among the various stakeholders in the public sector.



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