M&E Policy Formulation and Implementation

The Directorate is expected to guide the M&E function in the Country. As a result, a Kenya National Monitoring and Evaluation Policy was developed which articulates: the Government’s commitment to accountability for development results; defines mechanisms for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of public policies, programmes and projects; provides channels for effective policy implementation feedback and efficient allocation of resources; sets the basis for a transparent process by which the citizenry and other development stakeholders can undertake a shared appraisal of results; and outlines the principles for a strong M&E system as an important instrument for driving the achievements of programmes and government operations underpinning the Kenya Vision 2030.

The Policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of public sector institutions, civil society, the private sector and development partners involved in implementation of public projects and programmes by tying the producers and users of information together in a coherent system.  It also sets the framework for effective management for development results at all levels.

A National Monitoring and Evaluation Bill was drafted alongside the M&E Policy to support the M&E function in the Country. This bill once enacted, will provide a legal framework for coordination, collaboration and alignment of Monitoring and Evaluation in the implementation of public policies, programmes and projects; to establish an institutional and funding framework for monitoring and evaluation; and for connected purposes