Mandate & Functions

Mandate & Functions


The State Department for Economic Planning is functionally responsible for coordination of M&E of all Government Policies, Programmes and Projects. This mandate is derived from the Presidential Executive Order on Monitoring and Evaluation of Economic Trends in the Country. Within the State Department for Economic Planning, the responsibility for execution of this mandate has been charged to the Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (MED). In addition, the directorate is charged with promoting the M&E culture and practice in the public sector, strengthening capacities for M&E at all levels (National and County Governments) to track implementation of Kenya Vision 2030, tracking the implementation of the Medium Term Plans (MTPs) and Kenya Vision 2030, providing both the National Government with policy implementation feedback for efficient resource reallocation overtime.


The Directorate is charged with the responsibility of:

  • Coordinate development and review of performance indicators for the Medium-Term Plans for Kenya Vision 2030 and other emerging National Development agenda;
  • Track and report progress in implementation of the Kenya Vision 2030 and other emerging national development priorities;
  • Develop, review and implement National M&E Policy framework, guidelines, standards and tools;
  • Co-convene various sectors in the annual Medium-Term Expenditure framework (MTEF) budget preparation;
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation capacity at the National and County government levels;
  • Coordinate implementation and review of National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (NIMES);
  • Develop and maintain an electronic National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System;
  • Coordinate development and implementation of the National Evaluation Plan (NEP);
  • Coordinate Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS);
  • Provide technical support to counties to establish and implement County Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (CIMES); and
  • Develop and review, in collaboration with universities, training and research institutions, a Results Based M&E curriculum.
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