Preparation of End Term Review of MTPs

The End Term Reviews (ETRs) are undertaken at the end of every planning period in this case the Medium Term Plan (MTP). The ETRs provides: an independent assessment of the progress of the programmes and projects towards achieving the expected outputs and outcomes set forth in the results framework of the development plan; extent to which the implementation processes enabled or hindered achievements of the expected results; evidence based information on the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of Government Programmes and Projects within the period;  determine good practices that can be adopted during implementation of MTP; and Analyze findings to determine the extent to which recommendations from the Mid-Term review of the MTP were utilized.  The most recent ETRs were for the Economic Recovery Strategy (ERS) and Medium Term Plan (MTP) I of the Kenya Vision 2030. In the same spirit, Counties are encouraged to undertake ETR of their CIDPs.  B