Annual Production of Reports for MTPs

The M&E Directorate prepares Annual Progress Reports(APRs) at the end of every Financial Year.  These reports are based on Ministerial Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Reports, Ministerial Quarterly Progress reports, official research reports from various research institutions for example Kenya Bureau of Statistics, Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) among others. The key reports from other Government agencies such as the Controller of Budget, Auditor General and Vision Delivery Secretariat are also used to enrich the content of the APRs. The Reports are prepared in a consultative forum with participation from various States and non-state institutions. In addition, the reports are subjected to a validation exercise to ascertain the credibility and completeness of the findings contained in these reports. The APRs focus on indicators and flagship projects in various sectors as enlisted in the National Reporting Indicator Handbook. The reports are largely used to inform policy decisions making such as the budget preparation process.