Welcome To MED

Hallo and thank you for taking time to visit Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate (MED) website. The purpose of this website is to enlighten the users about MED, its functions and activities among others. MED is charged with the responsibility of operationalizing and coordinating the National Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (NIMES) framework. This involves promotion of Monitoring and Evaluation culture and practice in the public sector, strengthening capacities for Monitoring and Evaluation at all levels and tracking implementation of the Medium Term Plans for Kenya Vision 2030.

MED Objectives

1. To build adequate capacity to coordinate the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Kenya Vision 2030 and its MTPs

2. To provide timely, quality and reliable information for evidence based decision making and policy formulation;

3. To promote the culture and practice of Monitoring and Evaluation in the public and private sector.

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